Web Push

Reading time ~1 minute

As a mobile-first company it is hard for us to praise anything from the web world, but web push is probably one of the most interesting developments to come around for a while.

Progressive Web Apps seek to create the same kind of intimate relationship that a mobile app has with its user by offering responsive designs, bookmark shortcuts on the home screen featuring the site’s custom icon, smooth transitioning between mobile web sites and app, and now browser push.

This is effectively a clone of the mobile push message and features a subject, message, icon and, optionally, a large image attachment. From the click you can lead a user to a page in your site or simply open the home page.

Check out our full documentation or, if you’re feeling brave, start setting up a campaign. You’ll be able to test it by sending yourself the message you are creating straight from the UI - just accept notifications when you see the prompt.