Set an end-date for short-lived campaigns

Reading time ~1 minute

For certain use-cases there is a definite end to a campaign; think a mothers’ or Valentine’s day promotion or even just a special offer that expires at the end of the month.

Up till now such campaigns had to be manually turned off which meant that anyone who was still in the conversion window, even, if they were just about to execute the conversion event, would be summarily exited from the campaign and so it was harder to get a true picture of the impact of this campaign than it should have been.

You can now a provide an end date, after which users will not be targeted, also, for any automated campaigns, users will not be allowed to trigger the workflow, even if they had already been targeted before the cutoff date. Devices which have already been targeted and are in the middle of the workflow or, somewhere in the delay period between the trigger event and the first campaign action being sent out will still receive messages and will still be able to convert until the end of the conversion window.