Message personalisation

Reading time ~2 minutes

One-to-one marketing doesn’t mean much if your messages end up sounding like store-bought spam with no real connection to the user. We’ve added message personalisation to our core feature set, so from today you’ll be able to speak directly to all of your users from one campaign whether they are Chads, Michaels or Murrays.

The first step is to add some custom personalisation attributes to your app. As these are updated by events coming from our SDK or some external source of events, you should consult with your dev team to make sure you get the data you need. Adding personalisation attributes couldn’t be easier: simply check your app settings and specify an attribute name and the event/s and event property/ies which will update it.

When creating messages you can then use these attributes as placeholders and when a user becomes eligible for a campaign they will be replaced with real values before sendout. We’re using Jinja style syntax so your placeholders just need to be wrapped in two curly braces. We’ll also list all available attributes for you so you can easily select from a list rather than manually typing the whole thing.

You’ll get up-to-date on availability and can set a default value for any user for whom we currently have no data. For example, ‘user’ or ‘friend’ if a username is not available.

You can add up to 100 custom attributes for each of your apps, so don’t delay, start personalising your messages today; we are pretty sure your users will {{custom.user_satisfaction|default("love")}} it.