Event and Attribute viewers

Reading time ~2 minutes

When testing campaigns we often need a quick an easy glimpse into the events database in order to see exactly is going on behind the scenes. For instance when devices get targeted, when pushes or inapp overlays get sent out, or to see campaign conversion events from SDK or other external sources flow into the system.

While our reporting API is always there for you, it can be a little overwhelming, not to mention, depending on the client you are using to access it, the results may not be presented in such a way as to make them easy to read and quickly absorb.

For such times we have now introduced a simple event viewer which will give you a chronological list of events for a given device, either by the device advertising id, the 360dialog Device ID or the 360dalog App Instance ID.

You can filter for only events relating to a particular campaign or set of campaigns, as well as limit events to only today or as far back as the last 30 days.

You can also view the current and historical state of your personalisation and custom attributes by similarly providing your 360dialog device ID and selecting which of the attributes you would like to view.

Check out the full docs and have a look for yourself to see what kind of events your device is sending.