Delivery pacing

Reading time ~1 minute

Many times in our lives we will find that serendipity often trumps carefully laid out plans by adding in an element of random chance which often improving our general willingness to interact with something or someone.

With our new delivery pacing feature you can now introduce that same element into your campaigns by adding a random delay for each user which will start at either the trigger point or the point at which the user becomes targeted for a standard campaign. This can both avoid a mass influx to your app all at once as well as allow users to recevive messaging over wider timeframe. By forcing all users to decide whether to engage with a message at the same time, without letting data drive that decision, you may be ensuring that the message is not arriving at the most convenient time for each individual user’s behaviour.

By analysing data from enough uniformly distributed campaigns you can start to get a better idea of the ideal sending times for users or segments of users based on this randomisation, later using that to better plan and execute campaigns, or feed an algorithm which will do that for you.