A-B Testing

Reading time ~1 minute

We’ve just finshed updating our UI to allow for creating campaigns with multiple variants. While this has been a core feature of our campaign API, the ability to manage these kinds of campaigns from the friendly user interface should come as a relief to many of our users.

You can check out our documentation for a full guide on how to use our AB Testing feature, but here’s a quick run-down of what’s possible:

  • Create multiple workflows with variations of one or all messages
  • Set up campaigns with the same message but targeting different landing pages
  • Run campaigns on a small portion of the audience, eg, 10% before going live on your entire user-base
  • Set up a control group per campaign who will not receive messages but for whom we will still track targeted and conversion events to give you a ‘baseline conversion rate’ against which to compare your campaign variants
  • Get simple reporting for your AB testing campaigns directly from the UI, dig deeper in the superset data exploration platform.

Talk to your account manager if you need any help setting up your first AB testing campaign, we are sure you are going to a) love it, and b) love it.