Reference for standard attributes and events.

Here a few standard events and attributes that most apps collect by default: speak to you development team about adding more to your app to make the most of the Xray platform.

Attribute Description
device.carrier.mcc Mobile country code
device.carrier.name Name of the mobile network carrier
device.connectiontype Connection type (either mobile, wifi or offline)
device.country Country in which the user last used the app
device.dnt Do not track status (enabled / disabled)
device.h Device height (pixel)
device.ifa Identifier for advertiser (a unique, anonymous and reset-able ID which allows advertisers to identify a user across multiple apps)
device.ifa_tracking_enabled Status if the user opted-in to be tracked for advertisement via IFA or not (true or false)
device.ip IP address of the device during last usage of the app
device.jailbroken Is a device “jailbroken” (only applies to iOS devices)
device.language Language setting of the device
device.locale Locale (language) setting of the user’s device (e.g. en_GB, en_US, en_AU)
device.manufacturer Device manufacturer
device.model Device model
device.os Operating system (Android, iOS, iPhone OS)
device.osv Version of the device operating system
device.timezone Timezone in which a user last used the app
device.w Width of the device in pixels
environment.app_store_id AppStore or PlayStore identifier for the app
environment.app_version App version
environment.sdk_version SDK version
user.is_paying_user Users who have completed at least one purchase in the past
user.last_active Days since user was last using the app
user.last_purchase Days since user last purchased
user.subscriptions Topics for which the user has opted-in to receive notifications
user.total_revenue Total revenue of a user
Event Description
d360_app_close Fires when app is closed or put in the background
d360_app_open Fires when app starts or is reopened from the background
d360_app_subscription* Fires when user subscribes to specific notifications
d360_converted Fires when a targeted user performs the campaign’s conversion event
d360_deeplink_opened Fires when app gets opened via deep link
d360_inapp_sent Fires when an in-app message is sent to a device
d360_notification_tapped Fires when a push notification is tapped
d360_push_received Fires when a push notification is received
d360_push_sent Fires when a push message is sent to a device
d360_register* Fires when a new account is created in the app
d360_report_overlay_clicked Fires when an in-app message is clicked (not closed)
d360_session_end Fires when an app session ends
d360_session_start Fires when an app session starts

(*) must be implemented in your app to fire